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recently has been fun
started back at school, which sucked initially but now is almost to the point of kicking ass

i'm a an ap student assistant, which is badass, because the aps are fun people lol
i got my gold(!) check card in the mail a couple days ago and managed to void it within 20 minutes by rubbing alcohol on the back of it... cos i smudged the signature thing... and it rubbed off so i'm getting another one which means economic freedom for mee!! yay

doin 17 hours a week at boston now, 3 days... it's pretty tight really, except today i managed to drive off some customers but... his girlfriend was a bitch so who cares

friday night went to football game against taylor with chris and charlotte and dan to support STEVE-0 and bizzetz... they lost and steve-0 bust his leg so chris and i bought him a pie, for which he was eternally grateful. and then dan walked in on steve-0 naked, which was teh funnyh oh and i rode in steve-0s trunk while him and his girlfriend drove to charlotte's house and then they got out and he told her to close her eyes and he opened the drunk and there i am and i'm like 'sup' and she's just speechless
so i jumped out and went "wuaah!" in the way only i can and that was that

oh yeah had fun at bungo's party last night... thanks for ash for drivin me home
nothing's weirder than being around a bunch of people who have known you for years yet you can't talk to
meeting new people is fun though, and being slightly drunk while doing it is even... funner <-not a word

been listening to a ridiculous amount of pumpkins recently, which is good because pearl jam needed a breather. i say this as i listen to all those yesterdays... like that makes sense, haha

gotta read 200 pages of some book by tuesday adios!
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