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all you have is nooowwwww

my god, does anyone ever sit down and realize how good yoshimi is? wow. i am amazed, once again! fabulous album.

today i did lots of stuff! i woke up and did my laundry and wasn't as hoarse as i have been recently, so that was good. then i sat around and ate lunch, and then sam came and picked me and chuck up and we all went to the apple store cos chuck's computer needed fixing. or something. so marveled at the fact that there are 2 starbucks in the galleria and ate lunch at ninfa's. jordan called, saying she was going to memorial city and i figured i'd go too cos i wanted to go to express with her, so i got the guys to drop me off there and then i waited for jordan and mallory and mallory's mom to get there.
i walked around. for a long time.
and then this girl comes up to me and says
"have you ever considered a career in modeling?"
".......*pause*..... would you like to?"
"um.....*pause*, *ponder*.... not really. thanks though!" and then i walked off.
so i got $80 out of the bank.
and then jordan and co showed up and she was like "why didn't you say yes?! you should have said yes" so we decided that if we saw them again she was gunna tell them yes for me. and then they walked past us. but we didn't say anything.

went to express, bought two sexy man shirts.

found girls again. jordan says "he wants to be a model" i say "no, you want me to be a model" and then arguing ensued and we made a deal that we were BOTH gunna get our picture taken and sent off the people. so that was funny.

picked up a cool sweater in fossil and a pair of flip flops courtesy of mallory's mom in american eagle. me? american eagle? wtf... they're cool though.

came back, went to chili's with my parents, then went and picked up sommer, took her to her parents' house, to her apartment, to fuddruckers, then to her apartment again. whatever. weiird...

i am glad that i am friends with natalie again. i am glad i'm friends with all the people i'm friends with. you all mean a lot to me, really.
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